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HOW I MET THEM KS???.........

Like I said before I knew of them for a really LONG TIME because of course Chicago is kind of close and a lot of people didn't know about them but I def. DID!....... So i started off as just a fan like everyone else! I was watching Making the Band 4 season 1 and I seen Willie and I was like I KNOW HIM, He was in a group called Kwiet Storm! I fell in LOVE with "LEWIS" (DREY SKONIE) I thought he was AWESOME and "HOT" lol.... So after he was kicked off I didn't watch the show anymore but then I learned after the show that he was put in the group Kwiet Storm! So I was really excited but couldn't get any contact info from them to start promoting for them! SO I LOOK THEM UP ON MYSPACE!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I LOVE U TOM.... I found Drey Skonie of course and Duke Terrell! I decided to write them and let them know what I do! So I think it was DUKE and he gave my info to Shannon their MANAGER! Shannon had contacted me the next day and ask me did i inquire about doing promo work for them I told him yes and emailed him my resume'. I had a conference call with them within the next week! WOW, if you all only knew how I felt to be on the phone with "LEWIS"! But the crazy thing was at time I know it was no more "CRUSHING" over "LEWIS" it was all BUSINESS NOW! So Shannon told me he was interested in working with me after reviewing my resume' and having my "INTERVIEW/CONFERENCE CALL"! Only problem was that i lived in Indiana and they were in Chicago! I was going to start going up there on the weekends to help out and stuff then about 2 weeks later they were GONE TO ATL! I was sad! Shannon got his number changed and I thought it was OVER! I was planning a trip to ATL for the BET HIP HOP AWARDS and was wondering how I was going to get a hold of Shannon while i was down there because I wanted to meet the guyz! Surprisingly, HE CALLED me like two days before I went down there! OMG, I was sooooooo excited.... ! So me and my bestfriend "CHELLE" take our trip to ATL! Unluckily, on the way my car OVERHEATED Sad! But we made it.... We had a hotel party and I really wanted to guyz to come because i couldn't drive anywhere! Come to find out EVERYONE WAS GONE FOR THE WEEKEND EXCEPT SLOW MO and SHANNON! I was def. sad although i got to talk to Slow Mo on the phone and he assured me that everything would be already and we would def. meet one day! So the weekend went on I didn't meet! I spoke to Shannon a couple of months after that randomly but then his number was changed AGAIN! (This man changes his number like he changes his BOXERS, lol) So life goes on and I got a new good job for AT&T making around 12 an hour which is VERY good in INDIANA! My bestfriend was planning a trip to ATL for her birthday and Carlysia Levert's (Gerald Levert's daughter)18th bday sleepover! So i really wanted to go but i really didn't have the money! Soooo my friend had moved down to ATL and i wanted to be with the BESTIE on the bday, SO MARCH 2, 2008... I PACKED ALL MY THINGS IN MY APT. , STUFFED IT IN MY CAR, AND DROVE 6HRS. DOWN TO ATL TO LIVE AND CELEBRATE MY BESTIE'S BDAY! When i arrived it was 11:45pm I ALMOST MISSED IT but i made it JUST in time and my brother CHRIS HAMPTON (Formerly,of the group THE HAMPTONS) sung her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was happy! So I'm living in ATL! I was soooo excited! For a whole week I just went to the studio with my brother Popp and met a lot of def. people! Half way through my first week I of COURSE thought about Kwiet Storm! So again i write DUKE on myspace and tell him I'm in town! The next day i get a call from Shannon! YAY!!!! In contact AGAIN! So he tells me he wants to meet me but all the guyz were SICK Sad! SO I let him know Carlysia's bday is on that Sat. and they should come surprise her. He said if they were feeling better! Well they weren't! So i called Slow Mo and he sung Happy bday to her! The next day, Sunday March 9,2008 me and mi sissy STINA BEAN went to the HOUSE! We pull up to 677 Oaktree Park Court OMG.... THE HOUSE WAS BEAUTIFUL.. I will NEVER FORGET IT! We went to know on the door... OUR HEARTS WERE RACING.... and it was SLOW MO... "WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE" he yells! hahahahahahahahahaha We look at each other SHOCKED and walked in! Shannon gives us a TOUR which was AWESOME BY THE WAY! We all talk... MEET EVERYONE... and from that day forward it's been OFFICIAL!...... Smile .... THE NEXT DAY I WENT UP 2 JPAT RECORDS AND FROM THEN ON IT WAS ALL LOVE.... FAM.... AND WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE KS AND ALL THEIR MANAGEMENT
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