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Being one of the original members that started the journey of Kwiet Storm, Roshawn “Slow Mo” Lyles (21) has built this legacy that he’s continued to maintain for the group. Since the age of 8; from singing in church choirs to being apart of boy bands, Roshawn has always given his all. “It was when I was in the 9th grade, when I truly knew this was my calling.” It all started when Roshawn met former Kwiet Storm member, KWIET STORM Taylor, (Kwiet Storm) when he was in the 9th grade, and from then they became life long friends and business partners. He was born and raised in the “Windy City” (Chicago) where he lived his entire life. Growing up on the rough parts of Chicago, having a dream was what really kept him going and determined to pursue his dreams of becoming the star that he was born to be. There were always people who tried to stop him, but music meant more to him then being famous. He wanted to use his passion and what he loved the most, to help those he loved the most: his family. Though music is Roshawn’s first love, he still decided to keep his options open. He received an associate’s degree in marketing advertising/business management, and he even became a personal manager where he reached out to young artists who shared his same dream. Fortunately for Roshawn, his career began to take off within those few years. From touring with BET’s Totally You Tour, appearing on 106 & Park to premiere their first video “Leave me Alone” to even releasing their first album and single “lights out candles lit” which was a major hit and success for the boys! However, throughout the years the members of Kwiet Storm changed, but that wasn’t going to stop Roshawn from keeping the legacy of the group, and that he kept by making Kwiet Storm his full time job. However before meeting current Kwiet Storm members Duke Terrell, Making the Band 4’s Drey Skonie, and Romance, Roshawn decided to venture off and put together his own act. He worked for months with two young men who go by the names Alex and KWIET STORM (rapper and singer) to groom them and make them superstars. Then soon after that, he hooked up with current Kwiet Storm manager Shannon Stewart who helped take on the group Da Future( now Block X Change) and landed them a record deal with DTP. Then one year after Block Xchange landed their record deal with DTP, Roshawn met Duke, Romance, and Drey in Chicago, and moved to ATL to continue the journey of Kwiet Storm. After a long journey of sweat, blood, and tears, these 4 men finally landed a record deal with Ushers mom new record label J.Pat Records. Before signing their contracts they worked for 8 months, learning all about the music industry/business and becoming entertainers through artist development. It was all worth it, because God answered their prayers and before they knew it they were official J.Pat Records recording artists, and now it’s their time to shine. “Through my journey, I met many people who have helped me understand who I was. From different relationships to broken hearts and promises, it all helped me become the artist and man that I am today, and no matter what music will always be my first love…” – Roshawn “ Slow Mo” Lyles.
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